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What is an NFT?

Non-fungible Token.

NFTs can be any type of digital creation (art, drawing, music) turned into intellectual property and are one of a kind.

Owning an NFT can be for a collection, ownership of digital assets, and memberships.

What is a metaverse

Essentially a 3D model of the internet that is parallel to the real world which you can access digitally and, soon virtually where you'll be able to socialize with others connected to the metaverse. There are multiple metaverses made for different networks. E.g. Ethereum, Cardano, Decentraland, Etc.

What is RoboTunes?

RoboTunes is an CNFT created as an asset for metaverses. We are the first to create a 3D model integrated with music that has been produced in-house with the sound of hip-hop, rap, edm, and more.

Owning a Robo allows you to own the first kind of it's concept and enters you into a monthly raffle to win a free ticket to any concert of the winner's choosing.

Poolin' Around

We've spun a wheel to randomize a winner from the entrants of Poolin' Around.

Check the video on the right to see if you won!

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